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STAFF - The Smilefish staff does not teach lessons because they need the job.  We teach because we love working with kids & want to pass on our love for the water.  None of the instructors recently took a “How to Teach Swimming” class.  The experience in our core staff is truly amazing. 


We don’t clone our instructors.  Kids respond to different styles of teaching.  Some thrive on being pushed and others need to be gently guided through the process.  With our staff’s experience we can offer the kids what they need.


Because our experienced staff & the quality of our lessons is truly valued, staff members are paid 35-60% more than the other local swim schools.  Smilefish staff members make enough per hour to make a 3 to 3.5 hour* shift well worth their time.  This helps keep the amount of sub-instructors down.  It also keeps our staff with us.  This allows our instructors to really get to know the kids & the parents in their lessons.   

* 3 to 3.5 hours is about as long as an instructor is good for.


COST - Our billing is the same amount each month.  We don’t charge extra when your day happens to occur 5 times in a month.  That calendar anomaly occurs 3-4 times each year for everyday of the week.  When a swim school calculates their monthly fee it’s typically based on the number of weeks in a year.  That 5th lesson in the month is already included & should not be charged for again.  5th day billing is just an example of focusing on profit rather than a product. 


We don’t have an initial and then a yearly registration fee.  Your information is automatically entered into the system or it takes an office worker just a few minutes to enter.  So the registration fee is simply a revenue generating fee.   And once you’re in the system the yearly fee is completely unnecessary.  Registration fees are just another example of a focus on maximum profits rather than great lessons.

5th day billing & the yearly registration fee can cost you over $100 per year!!


We offer a 5% discount for cash. 

ATMOSPHERE - With just one class in the pool at a time it’s quiet in our pool area.  There is not a bunch of hustle & bustle.


CONTACTS - When you contact us you are emailing or talking with Russ, the owner.  It’s not a corporate office that's who knows where, that doesn’t know you, your child, your instructor or your pool. 


EASE - At our pool you can walk in a minute or two before your class starts and you can be out the door just minutes after your class is over.  You can make a 30-minute class take only 35 minutes to attend.


PROXIMITY - At our pool you can sit within a few feet of your child’s class.  This gives you the opportunity to interact with & get to know the instructor, hear what the instructor is saying, help when there’s a potty or tissue need and be right there if your child needs you.  You’re not behind glass in the other room.  


LESSON PROGRAM - Our lesson program is based on Russ’ 50 years in the swimming world. 


We often hear the big difference between our program and other programs is that at Smilefish we make sure the kids are doing the skills properly.  We don’t have a “that’s good enough”.  The number of our former pupils that have gone on to be stars on summer club, year round and national swim teams is very rewarding for us.  (Brickelle went to the Paralympics in London & Rio and will be inducted into the Colorado Swimming Hall of Fame)


MAKE UPS - We can’t promise a spot for a make-up but if you’re going to miss a class for a family trip, a school function, a doctor appointment, etc. drop us an email the week prior to missing and then again after & we’ll see if there is anything available.  If there is an opening you can have it.


WITHDRAWALS - At Smilefish you can withdraw at any time during the month.  You’re not stuck until the end of the month.


FACILITY - If one compares the pool space set aside for each class you’ll see that our pool with just one class at a time actually allows more space per class than most programs.

You are not just a number or source of profit.

We get to know each other & you’re part of the Smilefish family.

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