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Special Needs Lessons

We have worked with a very wide range of special needs.  We've had the pleasure to work with kids that are autistic (lots of these), have a traumatic brain injury or Down Syndrome and one that was blind.  We've worked with kids with missing limbs, Spina Bifida, Dwarfism, Cerebral Palsy and a number of issues that we could never  pronounce.

Many of these kid's parents were told that their child would never swim.  We are very proud to say that every single one of them has learned to propel themselves and survive in the pool.  Their strokes don't always look like the traditional freestyle or backstroke but what they learn works for them and they love being in the water.

Working with healthy kids and competitive swimmers is so much fun but the rewards when working with special needs kids are priceless.

We are a service provider for Developmental Pathways.

A couple of Russ' never forget moments

with special needs kids:

I remember one 10 year old boy that had CP.  He was in wheelchair & didn't have much control of his body.  I had to pick him up and carry him into the pool.  The look on his face the first time he back floated on his own will be burnt into my mind forever.  He eventually learned that he could propel himself by wiggling his shoulders thus making is arms & legs wiggle while he was back floating. 

I had a 10 year old boy named George.

His ailment is one of those I could never pronounce.  He was one of 1,000 kids in the world that had it.  It took him several minutes to just walk to the pool.  His goal was to get a medal at the Colorado Special Olympics.  After about 8 months of lessons we thought he was ready.  The meet was up in Loveland so I drove up.  It took him a few minutes to swim one length of the pool but he never stopped.  The smile while he stood on the awards stand was incredible.

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