Smilefish Swim School

To: Mr Russ - thanx for being the bestest teecher - from a 5 year old

"Mr. David is doing a great job"

"We love Ms. Beth"

"You are amazing!"

"She has learned so, so much.  This has been great!"

"The fact that you got S**** in the water was a miracle."

"Amazing progress in a matter of months.
The best swim school my girls have attended."

"Thak you four techin me how to sime - love yu"

from a 4 year old

Our Classes

* Group Class - Most of our classes are 4:1 group classes.

* Semi-private Class - A semi-private is a class with a maximum of two kids - related or not.

* 30 Minute Private - one on one for 1/2 an hour

* 30 Minute Split Private - typically divided between an older & a younger sibling

* 20 minute Private - one on one for 20 minutes

* Family Class - 3-4 siblings, neighbors, teammates in the same class...their abilities & ages may vary.

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