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Swim School

Swimming is a life skill that every child needs to acquire. At Smilefish our goal is to teach swimming skills while also teaching the children to enjoy the water.  Smilefish wants to be your neighborhood swim school. Our locations are small, convenient and friendly.

We offer swimming lessons to kids, special needs kids & adults, triathletes, swim team members, high school swim team members....anyone wanting to be safe in the water or just a better swimmer.

We have locations in Castle Rock, CO and coming soon to Broomfield, CO. 

The lesson program is divided into three basic levels: Beginners, Advanced & Swimmers.  Each level is broken down into tiers designed to bring the swimmers along at a comfortable yet productive pace.

The ultimate goal of our program is to teach the skills needed to join & excel on a swim team.  If that is not the goal of the swimmer then the skills will simply make them very skilled in the water.  Skills that could quite easily someday save their life.

The tuition rates ($/month):
        Family w/1 child                       $76
        Family w/2 children                $148
        Family w/3 children                $216
        Family w/4 children                $279
        Private or semi-private           $263
        Family class                           $263


We offer an approximate 5% discount if you prefer to pay cash.

Our classes meet once per week for thirty (30) minutes.  

We do not have sessions.  Our classes are continuous.  A student may attend their scheduled class for as long as they wish.  We have kids that join us fr a couple of years and we have kids that come & go a few months at a time.

Because our classes are continuous we are always accepting registrations.  Because our schedule changes daily we are unable to post
our schedule on our website.  To check level availability drop us an email or text us:   720-530-7946

We have classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoon/evenings and Tuesday, Wednesday mornings.  When
we have enough interest we will also offer

Saturday morning classes.

There is a great deal more information & the registration forms on the website:

Complete the form below with your contact information and a little information about your child (sex, age, previous lessons, skills) and then click on send.  We will get back to you with what we have available.

Success! Message received.

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