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Smilefish Swim Team Tune-up Classes

Classes will be either Monday or Tuesday after school.  Classes will run from the last week in March to the first week in May (March 25 – May 7).  This is the time following DC School’s Spring Break to the week prior to Castle Rock Cruisers starting (they start Monday, May 13).  There will not be a class on Monday, April 8th (I’m heading south to see the total eclipse of the sun) so Monday kids will get 6 classes & Tuesday kids will get 7 classes. 


NOTE - Smilefish moved back to the Hampden Inn.  Entrance is via the patio in back of parking lot.


Classes will be 40 minutes in length & will have a maximum of 5 swimmers.  Every attempt will be made to have similar ability and/or age in each class.  


Classes will be at 4:00, 4:40, 5:20, 6:00, 6:40 & 7:20.  The later times will be used for classes for older kids.  There may be short videos for the kids to watch prior to getting in the pool so arriving 10 minutes early may be involved (not required).  I’m working on organizing these videos and a way for the kids to watch.  


The “Family Class” format can apply to these classes.  If you have a group of 3-5 kids that would like to be together let me know sooner than later.  The cost will be the full amount as if 5 kids were there, just divided between the number of kids in the class.


These classes will be run as a swim practice.  Meaning, I will be on the deck in street clothes. Swimmers will need appropriate swim suit, goggles & if much hair a swim cap.  Swimmers will be expected to know the basics & be able to handle themselves in the pool unattended (water is 5’ deep).  This is not for beginner swimmers, not a learn to swim situation.  For safety I will keep a barbell close by incase a swimmer gets in trouble.  


On several of the days there will be a swimming related flyer for the parents.  You can read the flyer & leave it for the next person or you can take a copy with you. 


The basic plan is a day spent on each stroke and a day spent on each of the two basic turns & underwaters (Free/Back & Breast/Fly). There will be no bobs at the beginning & no playtime at the end of class.  


There will be little tolerance for the kids not listening, messing around or in other words wasting our time.  That just detracts from the time of the kids paying attention.  If your swimmer is sitting on the side watching for a few minutes that’s probably the reason.


The cost: Mondays are $170 & Tuesdays are $200.  Cash only.  No checks & there is not a card price.  Payment is due by the 2nd class.  A special Swim Team Class payment envelope will be available at the pool.  If the pool gets busy with hotel guests & we have to cut short or cancel class a cash refund will be issues the following week.


A one page Swim Team Class registration form is available below, is available at the pool during lessons on Wednesday (10am-1pm & 3:30-7:30pm) & Thursday (3:30-7:30pm) and will be available the first day of class.  The completed form needs to be dropped off no later than the first day of class - March 25th or 26th. 


To get started send your swimmer’s first & last name, age on June 1st, your best phone number & three choices of day & time of class to


The pool area could be a bit crowded as one class finished and one class starts so please (weather permitting) bring kids ready to get in & get out.  And I’ll put some extra chairs on the patio for waiting parents.

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