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The Smilefish curriculum was developed from Russ' 50+ year involvement in the swimming world and 50 years of teaching

& coaching.  It has been designed to allow our students to work

their way through the skills while overcoming any fears and

learning how to really have fun in the water.  

Our three levels are: Beginner, Advanced & Swim Team

Beginner Level is
divided into three tiers:
B1, B2 & B3.

The Beginner level classes are  designed to take the absolute beginner from possibly being afraid of the water to being comfortable and enjoying the water.  The skills learned include but are not limited to going under water, blowing bubbles, back floating, front floating, kicking & hand stroke.  The basics of learning all of the swimming strokes.   Typically a beginner needs to be about 3 yrs old.

Advanced Level is

divided into three tiers:
A1, A2 & A3.

The Advanced Level classes are designed to teach the more common swimming strokes.  We teach our strokes in a progression of skills that will later come together as the complete stroke.  The strokes learned include freestyle (front crawl), backstroke (back crawl), sidestroke, elementary backstroke, breaststroke  and the tough to learn butterfly.

Swim Team Level is
divided into two tiers:
S1 & S2.

In the Swimmer level classes we refine the competitive strokes & teach the proper turns.  Upon graduation from S2 a swimmer will be proficient in all the common swimming strokes.  If the ultimate goal of swimming lessons is to join the local swim team the Swimmer Level classes will prepare them for that endeaver. 

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