The registration process is very simple.  Determine the level of class you need and contact us via email or phone (emails tend to be quicker - no phone tag) with your child's sex, age, previous lessons, approximate skills. Once we find you a class you will need to complete the registration paperwork.  You will find the required Registration Form, Tuition Agreement & Waiver of Liability in a PDF format to the right (on the website).   You can print them, complete them and bring them to your first class. Or you pick up the forms at the pool and complete them during your first class.

We recommend you read our Policies & Procedures.

Make-up Policy: 

We do not offer make-ups for classes missed.


A Withdrawal Form or detailed e-mail is required to stop taking lessons.  The Withdrawal Form is available to the right (on the website) as a PDF and is available at the pool.  Drop completed Withdrawal Forms in the drop box at the pool.  The form below can be completed and sent as an e-mail.

Withdrawal Policy:  With a minimum of a four (4) week notice a student may withdraw at anytime.  If you would like to withdraw at the end of a month, only a two (2) week notice is required. 

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