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Tuition & Billing

Tuition is paid for the classes for which you are registered not for the classes for which you attend. Classes that are missed are not typically made up nor will there be any adjustments in tuition.


Because of the way the calendar falls there may be a month you have only 3 classes, most months you'll have 4 classes and 3-4 times a year you'll

have 5 classes in a month.

Billing occurs on the 25th of the month for the following month's tuition.

Tuition is direct billed for each month the participant(s) is enrolled in swimming lessons. 


Tuition is charged to a credit or debit card provided by a parent or guardian.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover or cash for tuition payments.   We DO NOT accept checks for tuition payments. 



For those of you that prefer to pay cash

we offer a 5% cash discount.

Cash payments are due the last class of the month for the following month.  You will receive an email toward the end of each month to remind you when a cash payment is due.

The swim store envelopes have a place for you to list the payment. 

Drop cash payments in the swim store drop box.

If you use your own envelope be sure to include your name and your child's name either in or on the envelope.

Tuition rates           Credit card        Cash

1 child                          $95                $90
2 children                   $185              $175
3 children                   $270              $255
4 children                   $350              $330
30 Minute Private       $320              $300

Semi-private *            $320              $300

Family class               $320              $300

* Tuition is split in 1/2 if a semi-private involves two families

Tuition will be prorated for families starting and/or stopping in the middle of a month.

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