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Schedule - Closures - Withdrawals

The classes at Smilefish meet once
per week for thirty (30) minutes.  

We do not have sessions.  The

classes are continuous.  A student
may attend their scheduled class
for as long as they wish.  

Because our classes are 
continuous we are always accepting registrations.  Because our schedule changes daily we are unable to post our schedule on our website.  To check level availability drop Russ an email.

We have classes Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoon/evenings and Wednesday mornings.

Success! Message received.

We are closed on 4th of July as well as the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas

& New Years. 

When the weather is looking bad
please check our website.  The notice
will be on the home page.   If we are
closing for the day we will also try
to call/text everyone.

We do not follow your local school closures.  The schools make their determination very early in the
morning and quite often it's a
beautiful day by early afternoon.


With a minimum of a four (4) week notice a student may withdraw at anytime.  If you would like to withdraw at the end of a month, only a two (2) week notice is required.  The Withdrawal Form is available below

as well as at the pool.
Or complete the form to the left &

send us a detailed e-mail.

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