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Smilefish Swim School

Teaching the kids of Douglas County to swim & love the water since 2009

Smilefish has two instructors - Russ Marsh & Beth Moreau

Combined Russ & Beth have over 80 years experience teaching & coaching

Smilefish Swim School no longer offers Summer lessons

Rather than retiring from teaching, Russ' schedule has been reduced 

to Wednesday morning & afternoon and Thursday afternoon.  

He will also be taking a Summer break June, July & August.  

Russ' teaches classes at the Hampden Inn. 


Beth teaches Monday afternoon during the school year (Sept - May).  

Beth is a school teacher so teaching swimming with a similar schedule

just makes sense.  That includes not having classes on the occasional

Monday holiday.  Beth's classes will be for beginners & will be at the Days Inn.

We will start taking registration for Fall classes at the beginning of August.  

Families that were in Spring classes will have first choice to stay at 

their day & time.  If you're interested in classes, drop Russ an 

email with your child's swimming level and we'll see what's open.

Smilefish classes meet once a week & are on going.  There are 

no sessions.  This allows you to find a day & time that fits 

in your schedule and to stay with it for as long as you like.  

We have kids that stay for several years (beginner to swim 

team) and we have kids that come & go a few months at a time.

If you would like more information about Smilefish and/or Russ 

click on "Smilefish Story" to the left.

Smilefish does not teach lessons in June, July & August.

If you would like to get started in the fall please drop Russ an email in early August.  FYI - Last year classes were 90% full by mid-September & were completely full by early October.

Voted Best of the

Best in Douglas County

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Smilefish Classes

* Group Class - Most of our classes are 4:1 group classes

* Semi-private Class - A semi-private is a class with a two kids with similar abilities

* 30 Minute Private - one on one for 1/2 an hour

* 30 Minute Split Private - typically divided between an older & a younger sibling

* Family Class - 3-4 siblings, neighbors, teammates in the same class...their abilities & ages may vary

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